The Exclusive Live Coaching Program for Network Marketers

This live coaching community and program is for the network marketer and social seller who is looking to master the art of organic marketing.

In this program, you learn the simple 3 step process to creating a purposeful and highly profitable online business- without the hustle and salesy tactics you are tired of.

This is where you learn to grow a business in a way that feels authentic, aligns with your purpose, and has people consistently coming to YOU. 


Live weekly coaching. So you can implement, learn, and ask questions so you can get the most from the materials provided. This is high level coaching made more accessible than ever. Being stuck is no longer an option when you have access to this level of coaching.


A private and exclusive community on Facebook. Ask your questions, get 24/7 support, get feedback, and celebrate your wins. Learn along side other impactful social sellers. You also get to post your questions and get answers from the coach!


Unlike a typical monthly membership community, this gives you access for life. You pay once to get lifetime access to recorded calls, the online courses, modules, worksheets, and more. As the program evolves- you continue to benefit and have on demand access for the latest trends in business.

Who is this for?

This is for the network marketer and social seller who is tired of the "hustle" and "numbers game." This is for someone who wants to learn the exact steps to organically grow, nurture, and sell to an audience in a way that feels deeply authentic and purposeful. 

No matter how long you have been in this business, this process teaches you how to maximize your impact and leverage your time in the social media landscape. This is where your hobby comes to die. This is the only investment you will need when it comes to learning how to grow the social media business you want. 

No complicated algorithms, funnels, or cold messages. This is where you will learn to master organic marketing and sales. 


What is The Social Selling Academy?


The Social Selling Academy is unlike any other program out there. As an expert in sales and marketing, and having been trained by some of the top mindset coaches in the industry- I give you the perfect combination of practical tools and mindset training to truly take your business to the next level.

As a service and product provider for the past 15 years, I've mastered understanding human behavior when it comes to selling and marketing in the online space. Marketing is where creativity and human psychology meet. As a mindset and marketing coach- I bring you the exact steps to creating the social media business you want, without the overwhelm, hustle, or salesy tactics you are used to hearing. If you feel gross- it's because IT IS gross. 

But what if you could feel more purposeful and authentic than EVER? All while making more sales than ever?

Marketing and selling in the online space has never been more fun- and I'll have you saying the same.

What comes inside the program?

There are A LOT of gurus out there who are TEACHING in their courses and platforms. But very few know how to COACH network marketers. Teaching and coaching are very different.  

In this program- you will understand how it feels to be COACHED. And why so much transformation happens when your brain gets coaching. 

This means you will see how your THOUGHTS and your FEELINGS affect your business.

In the program you get:

  • THE PURPOSEFUL PLATFORM ONLINE COURSE: 5 modules with videos, worksheets, and templates. The course focuses on niche, branding, and how to position yourself as an expert to your audience.
  • MEMBER PORTAL: Lifetime access to all recorded coaching calls and future materials that will be created
  • WEBINARS + TRAININGS: continuing education and training in things like Money Mindset, Meaningful Marketing, Mastering the Thought Model and MORE.
  • LIVE WEEKLY COACHING: You have the chance to get coaching on any area of business where you are feeling stuck, confused, and/or needing feedback. My private VIP coaching is over a $15k investment. This gives you access to that level of coaching NOW- no matter what your rank or paycheck. You not only benefit from getting coached- but you also learn MORE by watching others get coached.
  • #ASKTHECOACH- Post in the group to get coached in your post 
  • COMMUNITY: Inside the community you can post your questions to ask for coaching, feedback, or gain insights from your fellow peers. This helps you realize that you ARE NOT alone with your growth!
  • LIFETIME ACCESS: You pay ONCE for lifetime access to the program and all new future materials. Meaning, as the program evolves- SO DO YOU. You will always be able to come here for the NEWEST and current business trends and social selling strategies. There is NO program like this at this price. 

What you can expect to gain in The Social Selling Academy

This is the program where you can come to build a powerful personal brand, position yourself as the expert to your audience, build authority and trust with your audience, write compelling copy writing that has people ASKING YOU about your product, service, or opportunity.

When you have these things you will:

  • Stop spinning your wheels in confusion and doubt
  • Have more time to spend with your family instead of chasing leads all day on social media
  • Have more energy and emotional freedom in your business. 
  • Learn to set healthy long term goals that doesn't come at the expense of your health, your relationships, or your team.
  • Feel a deep sense of peace while you are growing a consistent and sustainable business. 
  • Not spend hours trying to write content- but you will know exactly what to write and how to write it
  • Sign people who WANT to work the business, rather than dragging people along
  • The time freedom you signed up for
The Social Selling Academy

$1,000.00 USD

This is the decision that turns your hobby into a career...

It's time to lay down the hustle and stop operating from scarcity. No more swirling in a constant headspace of doubt, confusion, insecurity, overwhelm or perfectionism. Inside you will find the tools you need to create the results you want.  

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Rachael Rogers

Top Earner + Influencer + Coach

Coaching with Kristen has helped me streamline strategies and overcome limiting mindsets that have set me free in areas I didn't even know I was bound in. Doing business this way is the most refreshing approach.

Erica Jennings

Top Earner + Social Influencer

"In just two days I have done over $1,750 in new sales! Oh my gosh I now know what momentum feels like! Thank you! I can tell this will be my biggest month in ALL my businesses! Thank you Kristen! Organic marketing is the way to go!"

Kelly Godwin

Top Earner + Lawyer + Enneagram Coach

"My points have consistently grown each month since working with Kristen. For the first time I feel real peace in my business and trusting the growth process. I feel hope and renewal around my business for the first time in a long time. "

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